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Hi! My name is Murphy and I’m 5 years old, but my foster family calls me Big Murph, Big Moose and Big Mooseman Murph! I noticed they say “big” a lot, and apparently, I am. When I was surrendered by my last home, due to a work conflict, and I weighed in at 98lbs then, but I’m already down 3lbs and looking buff! The nice people at the Dupage Animal Services knew that calling CEBR would be a great choice because they know bulldogs best! I’ve been hanging out in my very own “apartment”, it’s pretty cozy down here. Sometimes I get a little sad when my foster family isn’t down here giving me all their attention but that’s because I’m worried they’ll leave me behind. It gets kind of hard when you’re not sure of your place being that this is my 3rd home. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. My foster family tells me I’m such a good boy and I think so myself! I’m really good at sitting for my eye and ear medicine and getting my wrinkles all wiped out. I just had an eye surgery, I swear I’m not vain! My super thick eyelashes were turned in so they were scratching my eyes, OUCH! I can see much better now and that is exciting! Speaking of exciting, guess what makes my tail spin like a tornado? Soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls, kong balls, you name a ball and I love it already! I also have 2 foster sisters and I know I my strength so I’m a little more gentle when I play with them. I also hear CEBR alum Macho Man lives upstairs, we’ve only briefly met but have to wait until my eyes are healed. There’s also a really howly guy, seriously he’s always howling, but also waiting on meeting him. I do get a super wiggly tail when we all talk to each other and I’m learning to sit when I see them past the gates. I’m hoping to be friends with them too! I’m totally potty trained, I like calming music on when I’m by myself, gentle for a big guy but mostly I just want to be loved and not move again!

  • Bulldog - Old English
  • Male
  • 5 Years OldMy DoB is 11/03/2018 (Estimated)
  • 81 - 90 Pounds
  • White & Brindle
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I'm Trained
  • $ 650.00
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