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Hi! My Name Is Tux

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Woof woof! Dearest companions!

In case you couldn’t tell from my regal appearance, I am none other than Tux...well, that's Mr. Tux to you actually. My journey commenced upon the streets of Kenosha, where I was discovered as a stray. While my exact lineage remains a mystery, whispers suggest a delightful mingling of English Bulldog and Boston Terrier. I’m four years old, and about 40 pounds. My foster mom says that I’m very loving and loyal, and she wanted to bring special attention to my precious, speckled ears! And she’s right, they are adorable!

Since I have the opportunity, allow me to tell you about some of my favorite things, not necessarily in order of priority: I love snuggles, belly rubs, secluded walks with my humans, and playing with toys. Oh, and naps! I love taking naps too! Some say that I snore, but I never personally heard anything so I’m not sure if those rumors are true.

I do hold some reservations about strangers when they first enter my inner circle. Unfortunately, I didn’t always have a great experience with people, so I think my anxiety is understandable. Luckily, some patience and the approval from my people eases my concerns. More so, once I welcome someone to my inner circle, I find myself longing for them when we are apart. But with each passing day I am quickly mastering the art of solitude, thanks to lots of practice with my foster parents!

Alas, the quest for my forever family begins. I haven’t met too many children in my life, so I think it would be best if they didn’t have any little ones. Whether rural or urban, my new kingdom should be on the quieter side with plenty of space to hang out away from scary strangers. Should there be another canine companion, I prefer the presence of one who shares my love of the calm and quiet life. In other words, what I’m looking for is a family with the patience and compassion to guide me through my anxieties so that my confidence may soar, and a home where the comings and goings of visitors are kept to a minimum. In exchange, I promise to be the most loving boy they’ll ever meet!

I hope to bring you into my inner circle very soon,

Mr. Tux 

My forever family...

  • Is a family who is patient and willing to work with me on my anxieties. 
  • Has a home located in a quieter area with sufficient space away from strangers. 
  • Is a family who follows a fairly regular routine and lives a quieter lifestyle.

HOW TO QUALIFY FOR A CEBR BULLY- To determine if you qualify to adopt one of our adorable bullies start by viewing our Adoption Area Map. If you fall within the boundaries and are interested in our bullies the first step is to complete an application by visiting www.ebullymatch.com.

  • Bulldog - English & Terrier - Boston
  • Male
  • 4 Years OldMy DoB is 01/01/2020 (Estimated)
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • Black and White
  • Couch Potato
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • I'm Trained
  • $ 650.00
Special Needs (Emotional)
Experienced Dog Owner Required,  Fenced Yard Required,  Calm Home/Quiet Environment Required,  Adult-Only Home
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